A guide to the best donation platforms for charities

Charities can and should utilise the web for gaining donations online. Many donation platforms are available, allowing people to donate money on their behalf. However, not all these platforms are the same and differ in cost and quality.

How to choose the right platform for your charity?

Before you decide which donation platform to use for your cause, it is crucial that you consider the following factors:

  1. Fees: Different platforms charge different prices that can be charged on a one-time, monthly or annual basis. Some even charge on a per-transaction basis. A platform that charges lower fees means more of your money goes towards charity work.
  2. User Interface: The user interface should be easy and intuitive so that donors can get started with their donations quickly and for your team members and volunteers to use.
  3. Reports/analytics: Being able to quickly view analytical data can help see how your online fundraising efforts are performing, spot any potential opportunities, and decide if it is working for your organisation.
  4. Gift Aid: Does the platform allow gift aid donations and manage it for you?
  5. Connectivity: Does the platform integrate well with your fundraising database, such as Donorfy.
  6. Brand awareness: Is your charity branding prominent during the giving journey?

Donation platforms available to charities


Well known/recognised, has differing fees.

Fees£15 a month subscription cost, plus 1.9% fee + £0.20. 5% fee for Gift Aid
Gift AidYes (Additional 5% fee)
Monthly donationYes
£10 donation gets you£12.11 (£0.39 cost to you)

CAF Donate

The Charities Aid Foundation charity offers an easy to integrate donation page for your website.

Fees3.6% on one-off donations (including Gift Aid). For regular donations CAF charges 2% (capped at £5) and a £1 set-up fee for new Direct Debit instructions
Gift AidYes
Monthly donationYes
£10 donation gets you£12.05 (£0.45 cost to you)


Access to free coaching & support, and ability to offers rewards based crowdfunding projects similar to Kickstarter.

Fees1.9% + 20p (per pledge) + VAT on UK/EU cards
Gift AidYes
Monthly donationYes
£10 donation gets you£12.06 (£0.44 cost to you)


Easily branded donation page with a flat monthly cost.

Fees£34.99 a month flat fee + VAT
Gift AidYes
Monthly donationYes
£10 donation gets you£12.50


A WordPress plugin you can access right from your WordPress Dashboard.

Fees$249+ (USD) annually depending on package
Gift AidYes
Monthly donationYes
£10 donation gets you£12.50


Social giving with the option of donation buttons on your website.

Fees5% (charged to the donor, not charity)
Gift AidYes – Givey does not automate Gift Aid; you have to download the data and submit it to HMRC yourself.
Monthly donationNo
£10 donation gets you£12.50

Quick Comparison

PlatformRecurring FeeTransaction FeeGift AidMonthly DonationsReports£10 donation gets you
JustGiving£15 p/m1.9% fee + £0.20. 5% fee for Gift AidYesYesYes£12.11
CAF DonateFree3.6% one-off donations. regular donations – 2% + £1 set-up feeYesYesYes£12.05
CrowdFunderFree1.9% + 20p + VAT on UK/EU cardsYesYesNo£12.04
Enthuse£34.99 p/m + VATFreeYesYesYes£12.50
GiveWP$249+ USDFreeYesYesYes£12.50
GiveyFree5% (charged to donor not charity)Yes, but not automaticNoNo£12.50