Celebrating 5 years

Studio Duo founders. Sonny and Dougie

Today we are celebrating 5 years since we got together to start Studio Duo! We consider ourselves very lucky to grow with some amazing people and look forward to what our future holds.

Two heads are better than one!

Since we were born, we have been mostly inseparable.

Having both been interested in graphic design, photography and the evolution of technology when we were younger, we were both destined to work in the creative industry.

Being twins, it’s pretty natural that we would come together to combine our skills which is exactly what we did when we founded Studio Duo.

Dougie and Sonny

In our four years, we have supported CICs and Charities spring to life with branding, convert with bespoke websites and capture customer’s imagination with photography and videography and continue to provide additional services that we look to strengthen this year.