Festival of What If photography

We The Curious is at the heart of Bristol. I have great memories going there as a kid when it was formally known as @Bristol. They have amazing science exhibits for visitors to interact with and is also home to the United Kingdom’s first 3D planetarium. Along with the new identity came a new aim “to create a culture of curiosity”.

This is where Studio Duo get involved. We The Curious are currently holding the ‘Festival of What If’ event this week aimed at capturing the imagination and curiosity of the visitors, enabling them to ask questions and explore. We went to photograph part of the festival with the brief to capture the emotions and reaction in areas where they have struggled to get good photos before due to challenging light.
We The Curious logo

A general view of the Millennium Square where We The Curious is located.
Colourful chemistry in the Lab
Lightbulb Moment show

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