My Activity Pal

Helping people live a healthier, happier life after lockdown

As we age, it’s even more important to stay fit, mentally alert and connected to friends so that we can live our future lives in better health. My Activity Pal is a new app that gives you ideas and inspiration to keep active, track your health, and find fun activities to do to help you live a healthier, happier life.

The brief

The team at The Autumn Project brought an idea to us to help change peoples lives for the better. We worked with them to collate their plans into a strategic plan and well-thought-out app with powerful features and gamification. We also created a new brand identity for the app launch, including a logo, app icon, and a fun character called Max to help encourage and inspire the users.

A lady uses the My Activity Pal App in a cafe
My Activity Pal Brandbook

The brand

Studio Duo created a new brand identity for MyActivityPal, including the logo, app icon, mascot, colour scheme, typography and UI components. This was applied throughout the app and all marketing material.

The solution

Before narrowing down the feel and look, we explored several different mockups for the app and branding. After several iterations and user testing, the final app contains four core elements: social, gamification, fitness and brain training. The user is provided with personalised suggestions, with Max popping up occasionally with valuable hints and information relevant to you.

Social media banners and graphics were included as part of the branding to ensure a cohesive look and entice the users with engaging visuals.

The app is currently undergoing a trial anyone can join before being released to the wider public.

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