NWR (National Women’s Register)

Bringing women together to create meaningful connections

National Women’s Register is a charity that helps women share and explore ideas, experiences and conversations in friendly and welcoming groups across the UK.

The brief

After recently celebrating 60 years of NWR, the organisation wanted a fresh design that reflects the modern, friendly and welcoming nature of NWR which appeals to existing members and entices new members to join. 

The Solution

Twenty pages were designed and a custom website crafted for the non-profit organisation, which involved several creative explorations of how we could revamp the branding on the website. New typography and brand elements such as hand-drawn elements were added, creating a more organic and welcoming feel.

New features were also created such as a new membership page, the ability to join online, and browse all the local and specialist groups they offer.

The NWR website as displayed on mobile devices

Event photography

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