What is web hosting?

Every website will need somewhere to host their files and pages so the website can be accessed on the internet and can be viewed by visitors when they visit your domain. That’s where web hosting comes in.

When you have web hosting, your files are stored or hosted on a server. Hence the term web hosting. Visitors to your domain will then connect to your server which will then deliver your website to the user.

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What web hosting package do I need?

When looking at companies who offer web hosting, you will find they often provide the services in multiple packages. There are three main things you should look for when looking at these packages and looking at these will help you to choose which package is right for you.

  • Disk space
  • Bandwidth
  • Email accounts

How much disk space do I need?

The disk space is how much storage you have available to use on the server. The amount of disk space you need will depend on the size of your website. If for example, you are hosting a photography portfolio page you will most likely need more space as you will have a lot of images.

How much bandwidth do I need?

This is a harder question to answer. Bandwidth is the amount of traffic that is allowed to be consumed between your website and your visitors.

Every page, photo and video will be a certain size, and each time these are viewed by users it will take up bandwidth. For example, you may have a video on your homepage, and the file size of your homepage with all its content is 5mb. Over the course of a month, 500 people visited your homepage. This would mean 2500mb of data was transferred as 500 * 5 = 2500mb, which is approximately 2.5gb.

Therefore the amount of bandwidth you would need would depend on how many visitors look at your site and the size of the pages and content that they visit.

Email accounts

Some hosting companies will limit how many email accounts you can have, whereas others will not. It’s important to know how many email accounts you will need if your hosting company will limit the amount you have.

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Want to know what else is needed for a website?

Web hosting is one thing you will need, but you will also need a domain.