What you need for a website

Sourceful Web Design

A website is a vital marketing tool for your business, and we want to help you get it right. Here is what you need to run a website including web design.

1. A domain name

domainA domain name is what your users & customers type into the address bar to access your website. For example, our domain name is studioduo.com but some companies decide to use more than one domain to stop others from using a similar domain and confusing customers. An excellent example of this is Google. A domain also allows you to use custom emails which is useful for businesses. For example, we have hello@dougiea.sg-host.com enabling us to contact our customers, and customers to contact us using a professional email account. If you already have a website, chances are you already own a domain. If you would like to purchase a domain from us, prices start at £15.

2. Web Hosting

For your website to be visible on the web, the files need to be stored somewhere so people can access it. These files are hosted on web servers which are like large computers. Shared web hosting is the service that essentially allows you to borrow part of the space on the web server. We offer this service to our customers starting at just £5 per month.

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3. Web design & development

After setting up the domain and web hosting, there are two parts to getting your website online. First, there is the design part (website design) which involves planning the placement of content and how the pages fit together and how it looks visually, e.g. what typefaces and colours are used and where, and how do common elements appear and work together. Development is the second part of getting your website online after the web design phase. The web developer(s) take the web design and turns it into a functional website that can be interacted with. Often our clients order web design and development from us together, however, if you already have a design or development team you don’t need to hire us for both.

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Other services you might want to look into:

Brand photography

Impactful and immersive photography can help present your brand and make you look more desirable to potential customers. Show off your awesome business and unique brand with personalised photography.

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Having a consistent brand is essential to stand out and protect your brand’s reputation. Your marketing material (e.g. website, business cards, leaflets etc) should be consistent. Perhaps your brand and/or logo needs a refresh, or you need some professional new business cards to match your website to help you gain customers.

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